lip stain recipe
how to make lip balm
shea butter diy lip balm recipe
diy chapstick recipe with beeswax

Super easy DIY lip balm that is good for your lips and feels hydrating. When you make it yourself, you can control the ingredients and use high quality ingredients that are nourishing to your lips.

This DIY lip balm recipe

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lactofermented beets
lacto fermentation of vegetables
lactofermented beets

How to ferment beets without whey? Beets are one of my favorite fermented foods, and I think one of the easiest to eat if you are new to ferments and haven’t yet developed the acquired taste.

I love watching my … More

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Why would anyone cloth diaper

Everything to know about cloth diapers. Being a first time mom I received a lot of questionable looks when I shared I was going to cloth diaper, a few even gasped, why? I really received a lot of strange … More

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