5 Minute DIY Anti Aging Skin Care Routine … It Lightens Dark Spots Too!

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A 5 minute DIY anti aging skin care routine that I love and is affordable. During pregnancy the hormones caused dark spots on my face. One large one across my forehead and dark ones on my cheek. This routine completely removed the dark spot on my forehead and lightened the ones on my cheek.

Put an End to Dark Spots with this Homemade Anti Aging Face Routine

We spend so much on fancy products with junk ingredients. Most of these products contain ingredients that are toxic and promote premature aging (like petroleum-based products).

I believe beauty should be simple with ingredients that are clean and uncomplicated. This is my favorite night time DIY anti aging skin care routine.

It uses only 3 ingredients, including an oil that absorbs quickly, hydrates my dry skin, doesn’t cause my skin to break out, and it even lightens sunspots.

Do you have sensitive dry skin? I have very dry skin that is easily irritated. Most over the counter products turn my skin red and cause me to break out. Even products claiming to be “natural.”

My sister recently gave me a sample of her favorite nighttime “all natural” face serum, and it felt great for the first 5 minutes until the burning started and I woke up with a zit.

The beauty of keeping it simple is you know exactly what’s in your product. Using straight oil accomplishes this, the key is finding the right oil. Most oil that’s grown and processed properly has some kind of benefit. The downfall of oils is finding one that doesn’t feel heavy and sticky.

Lotions are great for this reason because they feel light and absorb well. A lotion is a combination of oil and water, but mixing these two together allows for microbes to grow.

To prevent this, preservatives must be added to lotions. I do make my own lotions, but the simplest thing is straight oil. Oil alone requires no preservative.

I make many of my own DIY beauty products and I love to experiment.  What I’m about to share is my absolute favorite so far (I love to experiment). I love it sooo much that I’m still sticking to it for over a year now. It is…

  • anti-aging
  • lightens age spots
  • repairs scars

I began using it before starting this blog. I wish I could share before and after photos. Before my skin was red, easily broke out, and I gave up on putting anything on my face, including makeup.

My skin was so irritated and would break out easily. I had mild acne scars on my chin and large pores on my nose. Still, struggle with the pores, just found an awesome tool though, ask me in the comments and I will share, haven’t had a chance to post just yet.

Anyhow, I have tried a handful of oils, some felt too heavy and still caused zits, though my skin no longer felt irritated. And then I fell in love with rosehip oil and I have not looked back.

Rosehip oil is the powerhouse. I’m not alone, you can find plenty of information online of how great it is as an anti-aging oil. It feels light on your skin, absorbs well, has a mild scent, and is packed with nutrition. In addition to rosehip oil, I apply hyaluronic acid and essential oils to boost my night time anti aging skin care routine.


The 3 ingredients I love for my nightly DIY anti-aging skin care routine

  1. Rosehip oil
  2. Hyaluronic Acid
  3. Essential Oil: Frankincense or Lavender (my go-to’s)

Why is rosehip oil so great?

Rosehip oil is high in vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin E, and many other antioxidants. Free radicals are a major cause of skin aging. Rosehips fight free radicals because of the numerous antioxidants and high vitamin C content [1].

Vitamin C and E are a potent anti-aging combination. It also contains skin-nourishing fatty acids, it’s anti-inflammatory, stimulates collagen and reduces hyperpigmentation, those annoying dark spots [2] [3].

All good things to keep skin young looking. A handful of celebrities claim to use rosehip oil as a part of their skincare routine.

A study found rose hip powder taken internally greatly improved cellular health and reduced crows feet within 5 weeks. The rose hip powder improved cell membrane longevity and promoted healthy skin.

The extract tested had strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that stimulated collagen production. It also contains a Methanolic property that fights skin pigmentation [3].

This study was based upon oral indigestion of rose hip powder, however it demonstrates the nutrients found within this potent plant.


Rosehip oil is light and will absorb into your skin within a few minutes. I only use it at night, because of its high vitamin C content. Vitamin C is great for your skin, but it increases your sensitivity to sunlight so I wouldn’t recommend for daytime use.

All oil is only as good as it was grown and processed. Find a reputable oil supplier, that use cold press extraction, not chemical extraction. This is the brand I have been enjoying.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

HA is an acid our body makes that lubricates our joints and retains moisture in our skin. As we age our outer layers of skin slow the production of hyaluronic acid [4].

Topically HA moisturizes skin, because of its superb ability to absorb and hold moisture. The HA molecule can hold up to 1000k times its weight in water. This helps skin look younger by helping your skin to stay hydrated [5]. 

Studies have found a topical application of HA improves… 

  • wrinkle depth
  • skin moisture
  • elasticity of the skin [6]


Essential Oil(s)

Lastly, I like to add essentials oil to my nighttime routine it adds an extra oomph to the anti-aging lineup.

Lavender is what I use most consistently. There are a handful of studies on the effectiveness of lavender on healing the skin.

Lavender oil is found to…

  • promote collagen production
  • speed wound healing
  • boost cellular growth [7][8]

Lavender also don’t cost much compared to other oils and has a relaxing effect, a great bonus before heading to bed.

Frankincense is also an amazing oil to add to your anti-aging lineup, though it is a pricier oil. I absolutely adore the woodsy scent of frankincense. It makes your skin feel soft and supple. Frankincense is said to…

  • support cellular function
  • reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • combat skin cancer [9]

Study: A study found frankincense used on inflamed skin, improved the inflammatory process and aided tissue regeneration [10].

My Routine

  1. Cleanse face – I use Jojoba Oil as a facial cleanser.
  2. Apply 2-3 drops of hyaluronic acid to the palm of your hand and apply to face.
  3. Apply 4-6 drops of rosehip oil to the palm of your hand then apply to face.

Optional: 1 oz of rosehip oil transferred to a glass bottle, then add the desired amount of essential oils.  I generally use about 5 drops of lavender.

You could add essential oils directly into the rosehip oil bottle, but I like to change up my essential oil routine.

My results

I have very dry skin that is easily irritated and breaks out with most drugstore type products. I gave up putting anything on my skin for a long time because it felt like an uphill battle.

The more I used to hydrate my skin the more irritated it became, the more broke out it became, which lead to more and more makeup.

Now I barely use foundation, only a concealer to dab a few spots. Hydration and diet is super important too, try reducing your inflammatory foods (like sugar) and your skin will thank you.

Once I began simplifying my beauty routine, my skin became infinitely better. I like to keep it simple there’s no guilt or confusion of how toxic the chemicals are, and it’s cheaper too.

My skin after pregnancy, after having my daughter the pregnancy hormones had caused an increase in dark spots on my face. I wish I had before and after pictures to show the large dark spot on my forehead that has vanished after about 3 months of using rosehip oil.

Granted the spot wasn’t terribly dark, but it was about 2” in length. I still have sun spots, particularly on my driver’s side cheek. After one year of use, I still have these spots though I believe they are lighter.

5/2018 Update: The spots on my cheek have lightened further, now there seems to be only one that is most noticeable but it too is lighter

More like this…


Beauty should be simple. I love this routine, as I said my fussy skin responds well to it. I have been to dermatologists and their products severely irritated my skin, to the point that I could no longer tolerate makeup.

My skin has thanked me for switching to an uncomplicated beauty routine. I love this routine, HA absorbs rapidly, and rosehip oil is light and absorbs quickly for an oil.

My skin is soft, more hydrated (so less fine lines) and my sun spots have faded. I hope you find success in this simple routine. What are your beauty product struggles?

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1 year ago

This is very interesting. I am not yet old but I think I need to start using anti-aging products because the environment is not that friendly anymore. It’s nice that you have these tips.

1 year ago

This is a great article, thanks for sharing! Which brand of hyaluronic acid would you recommend? Is there such a thing as pure HA? I see lots of serums that contain HA but they also have lots of other additives. Like you, I prefer products that are as clean and pure as possible.


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