Hi, I’m Amber a single mom, a mother to a little girl. She reminds me every day what life is really about. She is my inspiration, “my love”. This is my journey navigating through single mom-ness, keeping my family healthy, figuring out how to stay at home despite being single, and sharing inspiration.




Inspired My Love is a place to connect, learn, and share with other moms. I encourage natural healthy living to achieve health and happiness. I believe in learning from one another. I share tips on:

  • Natural living: Gluten free recipes, DIY cleaning & beauty products, ways to detox your home and life. Read my recent posts, about Tampons!
  • Healthy lifestyle: This goes along with natural living, but I believe in eating in the way of our ancestors. It has made the most sense to me, and has helped with managing my own chronic illness. 
  • Living inspired: What do I mean? It’s just as important to care for the mind as well as the body. I believe inspiration is a key ingredient to life. Inspiration drives us to launch a business, to try out a new recipe, plant a garden……But, its easy to lose when we are overwhelmed, overworked, stressed out mamas. I share tips that help me keep my sanity as a single mom on a budget, overcoming heartbreak, and adapting to change. Check out my free Inspiration Challenge.

Let me introduce myself?

I’ve lived in the city, but I grew up in the country and that’s where my heart is. I’ve been called a hippy more times than I can count. I guess that’s the easiest way to sum it up to those unfamiliar to us mamas that carry essential oils, cloth diaper, make their own soap, and eat fermented food.

Really, I think my experience has just made me aware. I want the absolute best for my family, like all mom’s do. I’m naturally inquisitive and research everything.  I’m a dream chaser, entrepreneur at heart, health conscious, country living wanna-be farmer, and above all a mom that’s bouncing back stronger than before.

Back story

A few years ago my former life was slowly unraveling. My health was spiraling down and my marriage was too. It was gradual so I didn’t take notice at first, not till s#%@ hit the fan. I was no longer able to keep up with my career. The career I had just busted my butt through school for and racked up a bunch of debt. Eventually I was diagnosed with Lupus and Celiac. I could barely walk from the living room to the kitchen without being winded, and I was momentarily losing consciousness. It was torturous, as I am horrible at relaxing.

My health issues were nothing new as I was diagnosed with Juvenile RA as a child and was told it’s not uncommon for it to progress into Lupus. Starting out with conventional doctors, it was clear this wasn’t the right path for me. As their medications had too many side effects and no power to cure. I was raised in a family familiar with alternative medicine. I turned to GAPs, researched Gerson, eating raw, Weston Price and found a few good alternative doctors.

I wanted a child, but was told I would have a difficult time conceiving, as I was becoming menopausal in my twenties. After overhauling my lifestyle, these changes made it possible for me to have my baby girl.

When My Love came, I had read Lupus is frequently passed onto daughters. This terrified me. This is nothing I want my daughter to experience. She has been my greatest inspiration to strive towards living cleaner.

I know first-hand moving towards clean organic foods and reducing the toxic products in our home has substantially improved my health. I strongly believe we are products of our environment. It is anticipated 50% of us will develop cancer sometime in our lives, autism is exploding exponentially, autoimmune, and allergy conditions are out of control. It is clear it’s our choices, it’s our modern environment creating this epidemic.

It’s my hope if we concerned moms continue to share our knowledge with one another, we can change these statistics and raise happy, strong, healthy children.

Being health conscious has become one of my passions out of necessity. Before conceiving we had decided on me being a stay at home mom. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand the idea of leaving my baby to return to work. Becoming a single parent has put a monkey wrench into this plan. I am currently still a stay at home mom, but having to turn to my entrepreneurial spirit to make this happen. 

Divorce has been a grieving process, not only from losing your partner in life, but also mourning the loss of your former life. It’s scary being thrown into the abyss, losing your career, moving, and becoming a single parent.

Though I am grateful for absolutely all of it, even Lupus has had its upside. My career was safe, so I was stuck in its safety. It didn’t satisfy my entrepreneurial heart. My health crisis, divorce, and having a little one has given me the push I needed to start over.

The push to get out of my comfort zone, grow as a person, and bounce back stronger than before. To live true to my heart and soul. I no longer have the safety or comfort of my former life. So, this is the absolute best time to chase dreams. My daughter is my greatest inspiration. I want to show her how to be a strong woman and to follow her passions.

Thanks for hanging around this long. I just want to say, moms be proud of how capable you are and all you have done.  Single moms be proud, we take on so many roles. I’ve crawled under houses making my own repairs, had YouTube playing while wrenching on my own truck, studying how to be the bacon earner from home. I hope this journey can help others learn from my successes and mistakes. Life is unpredictable. Change is rough, but there’s a lot of beauty in its opportunity for growth. 

I look forward to connecting, learning, and inspiring each other; to stay strong, raise healthy families, share our inspirations, and thrive from home. May we all find more time with our families.

Stay inspired,


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