5 Creative Ways to Add More Bone Broth

hide bone broth in your diet

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Before diving into creative ways to add more bone broth, lets quickly discuss what’s so special about bone broth. It’s a healing elixir with easily absorb-able minerals, collagen, and restoring amino acids. Bone broth can calm inflammation, repair our intestinal linings, supports joint repair, and contains wonderful properties for your skin to combat aging.

If you want more information I highly recommend reading. Sandy Fallon’s book Nourishing Broth. I enjoy all her books, Nourishing Baby too!

Two summers ago, lupus was really affecting my knees. At first I was just stiff in the morning. Then it became worse throughout the year until they were throbbing all day, and I was hobbling when I walked. I already was aware of bone broth, because I had tried the GAPs diet a few years before. Then I read Nourishing Broth, and I was inspired once more. Every day for lunch I would make a quick soup with left-over meat from dinner, and veggies from my garden. My 6 month old daughter loved it. After 3 weeks my knees completely quit hurting, even in the morning which they had been doing for years. As a bonus, I received complements on how incredible my skin was looking, and that even my lips looked fuller. Click here if you need info on making bone broth



Bone broth itself doesn’t have a lot of flavor. Adding meat and veggies creates most of the flavor, but add these toward the end. Otherwise they turn to mush and lose flavor. Beef bones have a stronger flavor than chicken, pork, or goat. Beef makes wonderful stews, soups, and gravies. I typically make beef stew and beef pho with beef bones. Chicken, pork, and goat are easier to hide into other things and don’t compete with the flavor of the meat you add. You can add chicken meat to pork bone broth and it will taste like a delicious chicken soup. I make a quick soup by adding left overs and veggies to the broth, then simmer for another 1-2 hours.

Creative ways to add more Bone Broth

Ok, finally as promised 5 creative ways to add more bone broth to your diet, that is not soup!

1. Gravy

Add more gravy to your diet. Gravies are super easy and comfort the soul. When made with quality ingredients they are healing too. Use your quick soup made from bone broth to make a flavorful gravy. My daughter hates plain mash potatoes but smothered in gravy and she loves it. Plain bone broth can be added straight from the crock pot to your meat drippings then thickened, but the gravy is most flavorful when using your pre-made quick soup.

2. Juice

This a double whammy. Trying to get a two-year old to eat their veggies can be impossible. Juice veggies and fruit and hide bone broth in juice. 3 parts juice to 1 part bone broth. The more fruit you add the more it hides the taste of the veggies and bone broth. Beef bone broth is harder to hide. My daughter chugs this stuff. She recently caught her first flu. She did not want to eat or drink (except nurse). This is all she would take, a mixture of apple, celery, and bone broth.

3. Popsicles

Use your juice from above and freeze in popsicle molds. This is great way to consume more broth when the weather is warm. I try to avoid plastic as much as I can. There are stainless steel popsicle makers, these are great because there is nothing for kids to lose. Another less expensive alternative are silicone push pop molds. These are cool because they have lids that can be popped back on, and put back in the freezer if its not finished. Downside is having to keep up with the molds and lids, especially with children.

4. Everything: Hide it in any dish that uses liquid, replace all or part of the liquid with bone broth. Try freezing broth in ice cube trays and add a few cubes to your sauces. Again I like silicone or stainless steel ice cube trays.

Scrambled eggs – replace milk (not against milk, but for those with allergies) with bone broth.

Spaghetti sauce – Bone broth is easily hidden in tomato bases.

Mash Potatoes or faux mash cauliflower taters –  add a bit of broth when mashing.

5. Jello

Hide your bone broth in a delicious jello treat. This packs a double whammy of healing deliciousness, with an extra dose of collagen from the grassfed gelatin. I use land o lakes grassfed jello (red can). Most important is to find gelatin from a good source. You want gelatin made from organic grassfed animals. This is a big hit with kids, and another easy way to consume broth when the weather is warm. Wellness Mama has a great recipe, just replace up to 1/3 of the liquid with bone broth.

More Bone Broth Tips:

  1. Some crock pots contain lead, before simmering bones for 48 hours you may want to read about crock pots and lead.
  2. Add a squeeze of lemon to your soup, this will lighten the flavor if you are not in the mood for a hearty soup flavor. Also, acidity from the lemon improves absorption of the nutrients in the bone broth.
  3. Save your bones. Great for your soil. You want to clean the meat off, either rinse it off in the sink or you can take the lazy approach and give it to your dogs. I give the bones to the dogs. They have more bones than they can eat so they will remove the meat for me. Then collect and place cleaned bones in a bag and crush with a hammer. It makes a terrific garden bone meal. Bones are high in phosphorus. Phosphorus is one of the 3 major nutrients all plants need, along with nitrogen and potassium
  4. Supplement: We have recently added bone broth powder supplement to our diet. It’s great when I’m slacking on keeping my kitchen stocked with bone broth. My toddler is finicky and the powder is easily hid in smoothies. We use this organic bone broth powder, found here.

bone broth supplement

Do you have your own creative ways to add more bone broth to your diet? Please share!



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