Why is my hair falling out

Are you crying out why is my hair falling out in strands or by the handfuls? Well, you are not alone. I feel for you, it’s as though with every wash a heartbreaking amount of hair washes away.

It’s devastating … More

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night time anti aging routine DIY

diy skin lightening recipe
homemade wrinkle cream recipe

A 5 minute DIY anti aging skin care routine that I love and is affordable. During pregnancy the hormones caused dark spots on my face. One large one across my forehead and dark ones on my cheek. This routine … More

Reading time: 7 min
why perfume is bad and non toxic options
how to make your own perfume
best all natural botanical fragrances
natural botanical fragrance oils no chemicals

We all want to smell pretty, but do you get that horrible headache when someone wearing a cloud of perfume walks by or walking through the fragrance counters in the store?

For years I just gave up on perfume.  So, … More

Reading time: 7 min
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