Why would anyone cloth diaper

Everything to know about cloth diapers. Being a first time mom I received a lot of questionable looks when I shared I was going to cloth diaper, a few even gasped, why? I really received a lot of strange … More

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homemade diaper ointment
diaper rash ointment recipe
recipe for diaper rash cream
How to make organic diaper cream

Diaper rash sometimes just happens and when it does it’s good to be prepared. Here is a simple DIY organic diaper cream recipe with only three ingredients! 

I cloth diaper, which is believed to be less harsh on a baby’s … More

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cloth diaper on a budget
cloth diapering healthier
cloth diapers are cheaper


The secret to cloth diapering on a budget. Don’t be surprised, a few raised brows when you share that you are planning on cloth diapering.

I promise it’s no big deal, it’s simple, healthier, and will save you money. The … More

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