Why is my hair falling out

Are you crying out why is my hair falling out in strands or by the handfuls? Well, you are not alone. I feel for you, it’s as though with every wash a heartbreaking amount of hair washes away.

It’s devastating … More

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is local food better for your health
why i should buy local food
is local food better for you
why is local food better for you

Over the years I’ve been taught a lesson that food is medicine. This is something we have all heard before, but since developing several autoimmune diseases I’ve learned just how true it is. Reconnecting with food is so important if … More

Reading time: 7 min
false negative gluten test

Being diagnosed with celiac or gluten intolerance is not always straightforward. It often takes a long time before reaching a diagnosis for several reasons, this condition is still not on many doctor’s radar and gluten tests can be incomplete. If … More

Reading time: 13 min
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