lessons learned from love
intj relationship truths
quotes for end of relationships
love and loss quotes

My INTJ perspective of relationship lessons learned, what I believe. I’ve had my share of heartbreak, but that is the price we pay to love. And I’ll continue to pay because there is nothing greater on earth than love. It … More

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truths of a INTJ broken heart

INTJs ending relationships
Intj broken heart
INTJ broken heart
INTJ Heart broken
INTJ walking away
dealing with a break up the INTJ way

How INTJs deal with a breakup? Heartbreak can be a long lonely road for an INTJ. We aren’t so great at expressing ourselves emotionally and we try to apply problem-solving skills to all areas of our life. The crushing feeling … More

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subscription box ideas
christmas subscription boxes
subscription gifts for her

It seems there are subscription boxes for almost everything you can imagine. I must say I love the idea of having clothes and treats delivered to my door. Maybe it’s my INTJ side, but I am not a fan of … More

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