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DIY Wooden Garden Signs. DIY Veggie Garden Labels

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Every season I plant veggies and flowers, but as I'm waiting anxiously for them to sprout, I forget what I planted in each row. These charming little signs is exactly what the garden needed. After making them for myself. I made a bundle for my mom's herb garden. They were a success and a great inexpensive diy gardening gift.

It was mother's day morning, when it occurred to me this would be a good gift for mom. My mom is a gardener, and she is always sending the grand-kids out to fetch herbs. These little signs will help the kids pick the right ones.

Unprepared as I often am for holidays, I had a lot to do since I decided on making these last minute. First garden signs, then bake a gluten free cinnamon crumble coffee cake (yumminess here). These wooden signs are easy, thoughtful, inexpensive, and took about an hour to make.



  1. Wood planks- any size you want for the sign.  I used an old 1”x3” and cut them into approx. 6” lengths, or craft sign wood pre-cut, like these.
  2. Concrete stakes- found at hardware store, under $5 for a bundle.
  3. Wood Burner – I have this inexpensive one, can be found at Walmart or Amazon.
  4. Wax Paper
  5. Printer
  6. Screws 
  7. Screw gun
  8. Drill (optional

Step 1

Choose a font you like. Type out your word, then flip it backwards. I used MS Publisher, but MS Word will work also. I used insert WordArt as it allows you to easily turn the word backwards. Cut ordinary wax paper down to size, so it will run through your printer. This is probably the most frustrating part, as my printer smeared the ink on the wax paper a few times before, getting it right.

Step 2

Lay your wax paper over your wood with ink side down, and use a credit card to transfer the ink.

Step 3

Use the template you just created and trace over the letters with your wood burner. I used the small pointed tip included with the wood burner.

DIY Gardening Gift

Step 4

If you used a 1x3 like me, I chopped my board with a miter saw to make my wood planks. If you purchased wood planks from a craft store, you can skip this step.

Step 5

Attach your stake to your board. Pre-drilling is recommended as not doing so may split the wood. However, my drill took a crap, so I chanced it and ran a screw through the back of the stake into the wood sign.

Step 6 (optional)

I had left over vinegar stain (recipe), and gave the signs a quick brush down to darken the wood.


These are simple neat signs for your garden or a great gift for any garden lover. My mom enjoyed them!

This is how they look in my garden.

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