Gift Ideas for Healthy Eating, Kitchen Gadgets for Healthy Eating

Gift ideas for Healthy Eating

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About 5 years ago my life changed after being diagnosed with Lupus and Celiac. I quickly became very aware of how effective a clean diet can be. Eating clean and gluten free means I make almost all meals at home from scratch. These are my essential kitchen gadgets for healthy eating that I would not want to live without. These are the products I think you will love too or would make great gift ideas for the healthy eater.


Best Kitchen Gadgets for Healthy Eating

Healthy Food Storage

Glass is the best cleanest storage option. I personally love glass not only is it non-toxic, unlike hormone mimicking plastics, but it can also double as bakeware. After baking, snap a lid on the leftovers and it easily transfers to the fridge.


Also, I noticed we get the most out of our fruits and veggies if we immediately wash, prep, chop, and then store them in glass containers. This makes meal and smoothie prep quick and easy, which means we are more likely to eat it all, and not let our produce go to waste.


Glass Food Storage containers:

Pyrex – doubles as storage and bakeware. I like multiple sizes for storage of our prepped veggies and fruit. Rectangular is the best use of space for baking and storage. The lids without tabs or gaskets are best, because they are difficult to clean.



Mason Jars:

Great for storing juices, smoothies, and soups, bulk nuts, seeds, etc. I like at least a dozen wide mouth jars in each size with bands.  Wide mouth is easier to clean, and then you only need one size of lid for all. Get the mason jars with the bands, because the bands are useful for fermentation, and if you have plans for canning of course.


  • Pint
  • Quart
  • ½ Gallon


Mason Jars for Storage

Wide Mouth Plastic Lids: You can never have too many of these handy lids

Vacuum Lid: This handy gadget is designed to improve the shelf life of dried goods stored in mason jars, you will need to buy the hose too.

Vacuum sealer: Attaches to vacuum lid, to remove the air. A handy little gadget.


Mason Jars for Drinking

Sippy Lids

Glass or stainless straws – if you have kids, stainless probably a better option. Make sure you have a straw cleaner too.


Mason Jars for Canning

Tattler lids – these are reusable unlike the metal ones


Popsicle Makers:

Silicone popsicle makers – These are awesome because, they have lids. They work more like a push pop, so you don’t have to worry about the handles being lost. I use these to make bone broth popsicles.


Bottle Brush –  A must have to easily clean everything. My favorite brush for cleaning all bottles and popsicle molds. These will fit inside wine bottles and the flip top soda bottles too.


Stainless Ice Cube Tray:

Stainless ice cube tray – This old school tray is a great non-plastic ice cube tray option. I use it to make baby food also.


Salad Spinner:

Salad Spinner – Very handy tool to increase the shelf life of your lettuce.

More Gift Ideas for Healthy Eating

Appliances for healthy eating


The Kitchen Aid makes life so much easier. Especially the grater attachments. I love it when I’m making large batches of my ferments.

Kitchen Aid – Aren’t they so pretty? If you signup with Ebates you get cash back too!

Tip: Amazon has a deep discounts program on opened and used items, click on the banner below for big savings.





There are many great juicer options out there. For an in depth review on juicers, read Gerson’s recommendation for high quality juice extraction for cancer patients. The Norwalk is top of the line, it does not heat your produce and thoroughly presses all juice from the pulp. One day maybe, but for now I am pleased with my budget friendly quality Champion Juicer, but the spinning pulverizing action does heat your ingredients, which causes nutrient loss and doesn’t extract as much juice as the Norwalk.

Champion (least expensive)

Norwalk (most expensive)


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


Excalibur are great dehydrators that heat evenly and can handle large batches. They come with large sheets for dehydrating wet mashes, like: flax crackers, tortillas, fruit rollups, etc.




Blend-tec and Vitamixer both have great reputations. Both are quite pricey, typically $500 or more. I recently purchased a 20 year old Vitamixer from Ebay, that I am very happy with. Even my 20 year old Vitamixer thoroughly blends and purees, no gagging on lumps. Don’t forget about getting some of your money back with Ebates.





Berkey Water Filter:

This is charcoal filter, that requires no plumbing or electricity. They offer a fluoride attachment too if you have city water. I did a lot of research before investing into a water filter, the company provides water analysis reports  on their filter’s effectiveness.

Berkey water filter: This includes the fluoride attachment too.

Cutting  & Chopping


I absolutely love zoodling, especially for paleo gluten free pasta. Make your own zucchini, sweet potato, or anything else you can dream up noodles. The summer garden is overflowing with zucchini, my zoodler is working overtime right now. This one comes with multiple blades for shredding and slicing too.




A quick option for evenly diced veggies, a bit difficult to clean but not too bad. Just be sure to immediately rinse after using so no veggies dry in the grates.

Chopper –  This one is nice because it chops everything in uniform sizes



Sharp knives make life so much easier. These babies are super sharp and cheap. I bought these for my mom and she loves them.

Zyliss knives – These are very sharp and affordable

Knife Sharpener:

I recently purchased this knife sharpener, that works great. It suctions down to the countertop making sharpening a breeze.

Countertop Knife Sharpener

Wood Cutting Boards:

Wood Cutting Boards – Love wood, wood is naturally antimicrobial and so is much cleaner and hygienic than plastic.


Best Cookware for Healthy Eating


Chicken Roaster:

I love this roaster, it evenly roasts all sides, collects drippings, and can roast taters or veggies in the drippings to. The center cup can be filled with spices or juices to infuse into the meat.

Ceramic Roaster


Ramekins – I love these for quick desserts. We frequently make easy cobblers in our large ramekins.



Stock pot:

12 qt Stock Pot – A large stock pot, great for making a large batch of soup. I like this one because it has a thick bottom to prevent scorching.


Crock pot:

8 qt Hamilton Beach Crockpot – I like this crock pot, because this one seems to be lead free and not all crock pots are, more on this here. Our crockpot is a workhorse in our house, from no fuss dinners, bone broth, to making our own soap.


Ceramic dutch oven:

6 Qt Dutch Oven – I love my dutch oven. It’s used almost daily it’s my favorite pot. I can use it to brown on the stove top or pop it into the oven for baking.

Cast Iron

I love to collect cast iron. Old cast iron has a smoother surface than the new stuff, this is because of the difference in the manufacturing process. You can often pick up some great brands like Wagner or Griswold at: yardsales, craigslist, or thrift stores. Some of it is worth a good chunk of money on Ebay too. However in time, a well used, new Lodge will work great too. The more you use it, the more non-stick it becomes.


6.5 in Small Cast Iron skillet – Teflon and other non-sticks have toxic coatings. A well seasoned cast iron skillet works great. I like the small one for our morning eggs, because they are lighter, making clean up easier.


12 in Large Cast Iron Skillet  – Every kitchen needs a skillet.


Cast Iron Griddle – I love my griddle for our banana gluten free pancakes and for baking cauliflower pizzas on it too.


Small dutch oven – I like to deep fry in our homemade lard. A small diameter pot means less oil needed to submerge your ingredients. I use a quart size, it’s perfect for 2 people. Homemade fries, deep fried in homemade lard is amazing!

Cooking Oil Strainer: I use this to strain and save my cooking oil. It increases the life of your cooking oil by removing food particles.



Best Fermentation Supplies

Over the years I have tried a few set ups. My new favorite set up is the silicone lids with glass weights designed for mason jars. I don’t see the need to look for anything different. I like them because they are easy to clean, store, and they make use of my mason jars.


In the past I used the pickle pipes, but they are difficult to clean and very tall. These silicone lids are short, so your ferments fit easily on a shelf. I’ve never tried crocks, but they are just one more thing that I have to store in my small kitchen, and clean up after. I like using mason jars, because once the fermentation is complete I screw on a storage lid and pop it into the fridge. So one less thing to clean.


Silicone lids – These fit on wide mouthed mason jars and are secured with the metal bands that come with mason jars.


Glass weights – This helps keep everything submerged to prevent mold.


Or a buy the kit – A convenient kit with silicone lids, glass weights, and a wooden stick for packing your jars.


Fermentation book for recipe ideas: My favorite ferment is cinnamon beets. Beets are wonderful for your health and naturally sweet, recipe here.


These are some of my favorite kitchen gadgets for healthy eating, that are heavily used in our house. I am now spoiled to have these things and wouldn’t want to live without them. These would make great gift ideas for healthy eating too! If you sign up with Ebates, you can get money back on your purchases even through ebay. What are some of your favorite kitchen gadgets?


Tips for Healthy Food on a budget

I prefer buying local. Local is proven to have higher nutritional quality because it’s fresher off the vine. I like knowing and supporting my farmer too. How our food is grown is soooo important.


However, not everything can be found locally. Organic food is pricey and is the largest bill in our house, but food is our medicine. We save money by buying online and in bulk, like: sugar, salt, and some grains. Here are two of my favorite online retailers for healthy products.


Azure Standard: Great for finding many organic items, free shipping by finding your local drop location. Not available everywhere in the U.S., but they are growing. They have everything from bulk grains, sugar, salt to small items like shampoo, duck eggs, etc. They have the best price on Celtic Sea Salt.

Blue Mountain: Often have free shipping with larger orders, and they offer a good selection of ancient wheats and sprouted grains.

Thrive Market: Another online health food store with some great savings. They require a membership like Costco. Sometimes they have the best deals on coconut oil. They run many promotions too for good savings like free products or discounts.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


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