25+ INTJ Gift Ideas for INTJ Female or INTJ Male

Gift Ideas for INTJs

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INTJ gift ideas?…Hmm, how to find the perfect gift for the illusive INTJ. Outside of a supercomputer and a strategy for world domination, what else could they possibly want? From a distance, it may seem they are a hard bunch to get to know, but once warmed up to you they can be quite the opposite. A comfortable INTJ can be very talkative and share with you their passions and interests. To find the perfect INTJ Christmas gift or INTJ birthday gift all you really need to do is listen. What do they like to talk about?

Obviously, I can’t speak for them all, but as an INTJ fitting many of the stereotypes here’s my two cents to impress your INTJ.

A few tips from an INTJ…

INTJs are known for their rationality, so anything practical is appreciated. We adore efficiency. If a process can be improved upon, we will love it.

INTJs love to be intellectually stimulated and love research. If we bring a topic up, it is likely something we are very interested in or even passionate about. We don’t have much middle ground.

INTJs like quirky, whimsical or old things. This may be less known, but we appreciate interesting things with a story.

INTJs are very focused and can be neglectful of their own physical care. They also love quiet time, so a pampering gift is a solid choice too.

With all that said, I can’t speak for all, but time is the best gift of all. A memory is worth so much more than any item. INTJs typically aren’t comfortable in group settings, but it’s absolutely exhilarating to have one on one time and wonderful conversation with those closest to us.

Most of all, if you want to know what to get an INTJ it is quite simple, just listen. INTJs are not great at small talk. What they choose to talk about is likely what excites them. This will mean a lot because it shows you are paying attention too.


25+ INTJ Gift Ideas

1. Practical INTJ Gift Ideas

What are their interests? How do they spend their time? What item could save them time or make life easier? INTJs love efficiency!

Do they like to cook? Here are some handy kitchen gadgets

What about a little coffee shop in your kitchen, that makes coffee, lattes, and espressos on demand. Pair it with a monthly coffee tasting subscription, for tasting coffees from around the world. This gift is both practical and pampering.

INTJ female gift idea

INTJ Gift ideas

Or maybe they are looking to get healthy, then a Vita-mix is an awesome gift idea for amazingly smooth smoothies.

INTJ gift ideas

A sharp set of knives to speed up prep time in the kitchen is a great gift for the efficiency loving INTJ, and a tablet holder so they can easily browse their recipes.

Female INTJ gift idea

gift ideas for intjs

Need more kitchen gadget gift ideas, then you’ll like this.

Or do they love organization, tech, gaming, gardening, art?

Tech is almost always a fail-proof gift for everyone; a new tablet, an awesome camera, faster laptop, waterproof bluetooth speaker?

For the INTJ mom, dad, pet owner… Anything that saves time and lessens household chores would be much appreciated, like a robotic vacuum. I know this is on my list.

practical INTJ gift idea

 2. Intellectual or Self Improvement INTJ Gift Ideas

INTJs love self-improvement and mental stimulation. They are very passionate and curious creatures (once you get to know them). INTJs dive very deep into exploring their interests and learning all they can about it.

Simply ask your INTJ what have they been studying or researching lately, for clues to the perfect gift.

They also love gifts to improve their skills, INTJs love to work on honing in on their talents.

If you are completely at a loss. Books are a safe bet. Maybe a gift card to a local bookstore, the quiet ambiance is something many of us enjoy too. There are online bookstores too, like Wordery with free shipping on all orders. Also, Bookcase a monthly subscription will send books curated to the reader’s taste. I still love to hold an actual book.

intj geek gift



An Audible membership is both practical and intellectual. I really don’t have the time to sit down and read too many books, but audiobooks make it possible. It’s great to be able to listen to a book while running errands or washing dishes.

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More intellectual INTJ gift ideas….

Perhaps a mind teasing puzzle that’s both decorative and a challenge?

brainteaser gift for intj

Or try board games. Check out the new puzzle game, Sagrada a unique game constructing stained glass that can be played solo or with other players. Sounds like a good way to unwind.

gaming gift for intj

Then there’s always a classic like Chess, that’s not only strategic and challenging, but also quality time spent together. This set has beautiful hand carved pieces too!

chess gift for intj

Does your INTJ enjoy drawing or zen doodling? Then, an assorted art set by Prismacolor would make an awesome gift. These are my favorite.

intj artist giftOr strange tech by ELF Emmit, a headset that uses electromagnetic pulses to train your brain. It has five mood settings: sleep, stress reduction, concentrate, meditate, and deep learning. A bit sci-fi and kind of cool. I haven’t personally tried it though I am intrigued. FYI reviews state the plastic headband is fragile.


INTJ gift idea for both men and women


How about a subscription to map their family tree with Find My Past. This is a great gift for the INTJ that loves history and research.




3. Pampering INTJ Gift Ideas

INTJs are very focused and notorious for nurturing their mind and neglecting their body, especially if they have been absorbed into a project. Their focus is intense and can be neglectful.

If you are buying for an INTJ mom this is true (really all moms), they could use some relaxation and quiet time. More about INTJ Mom’s here. Quiet time is much cherished by the INTJ.

  • Yoga package
  • Massage
  • Gym membership
  • Spa day

More pampering INTJ gift ideas…

Perhaps natural beauty care products, like essential oil Pendulum Potion from Detox Market.

INTJ female organic gift

Or a wellness subscription box by Merkaela

merkaela wellness subscription box

Maybe a pampering culinary experience, with trying different wines, teas, or coffees from around the world and sent straight to do your door? Could you ask for more?

VINEBOX Delivers 3 Wines To Your Door Every Month $25!

intj gift for wine lover

For the Tea Lovers, give some TeaLove for under $20 a month

As an INTJ I appreciate looking nice, but I don’t enjoy shopping for clothes. It’s an exhausting experience. How about fuss-free shopping with clothes delivered right to your door?

This one is for the INTJ men, what about a subscription to Trendy Butler for style delivered right to your door.

gift for INTJ male



4. Something Quirky, Whimsical, or Eclectic 

INTJs have a quirky playful side and often like whimsical, antiques or vintage items. I believe it’s because we are attracted to the story. If you can find a piece that’s old it already has a story. If you buy something unique it creates a story by representing yourself or how you perceive the INTJ.

Antiques are timeless and have a history, whimsical or quirky items have a personality that reflects either the gift giver or how the gift giver perceives the INTJ. Both perspectives are interesting to an INTJ.

INTJ Gift Ideas for the eclectic INTJ…

I once read a meme that said a perfect night in for an INTJ is to kick off their pants, pour a glass of wine, and cruise ETSY. I know I am a sucker for vintage and handmade. Etsy has gift cards too!


INTJ vintage gift


Ebay is another great source of funky finds and vintage items.

For vintage inspired jewelry, check out 1928 for budget-friendly original pieces.

intj jewelry gift


INTJ Gift Ideas for the Naturalist INTJ

A sleek Essential Oil Diffuser that’s both water-less and portable, and an essential oil starter kit. This is a pampering gift too!

intj essential oil gift

INTJ Gift Ideas for the INTJ Geek…

Let your INTJ geek out on an actual geek subscription box. A monthly box filled with games, movies, and comic memorabilia

What does your INTJ collect? Do they have quirky or vintage clothing or items in their home?

5. Time

As an INTJ I believe this to be the best gift of them all. INTJs generally aren’t great in groups, because they are often uncomfortable with small talk. However, one on one time with their favorite people is another story.

INTJ’s love to connect with the ones they are closest to; having quality time, laughter, and interesting conversation is priceless.

Environments that INTJs will likely enjoy would be somewhere with low social pressure and good one on one conversation at some point.

Perhaps new luggage with an invitation to a romantic getaway?

Intj travel gift

Destination ideas:

  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Historic Hotel
  • Exotic Vacation
  • Farmers Market
  • Museum
  • Hike
  • Picnic





INTJs are quite in groups, but talkative and passionate one on one. We appreciate things with a story. We love efficiency, self-improvement, meaningful conversation, and quality time with the ones we love. What are your thoughts on INTJ gift giving?

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