Teach Your Preschooler to Write Their Name

Name writing worksheets preschool and kindergarten worksheet

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Teaching preschoolers and up how to write their name, is quite simple with a  Learning to Write Your Name Worksheet. Remember those big letters we traced along as children? 

Well I made one that you can customize to your child’s name, or anything else you would like!! Pretty cool right, you can grab it below and save yourself the time in having to create one yourself.

Grab the Teach Child to Write Their Name Worksheet, below 

If you have been following me, you may know I’ve decided to homeschool my child. It may seem like quite the undertaking and feel overwhelming when trying to tackle it all at once. 

Especially with being single, homesteading, and trying this whole home business thing. Ugh, sometimes it can feel like more than one can take, but with accepting a bit of grace for yourself and taking one thing at a time in bite size pieces, suddenly it feels quite manageable. 

This has been one of our first steps in our homeschooling journey, teaching her how to write her name. 

Learning to Write Your Name Preschool – Kindergarten Tips

Make it Fun

A few things we have been learning as we go that may help you teach a preschooler or kindergartner to write their name, is make it fun! Not every second can be action packed but, be playful and praise often for their efforts.  

Every kid has their own personality and responds differently, my friends daughter loves to dive into work books, my daughter needs more coaxing. My nerdy self loved worksheets as a kid, my daughter not so much. 


I found the book, The 5 Love Languages of Children, helpful in being more attuned to my daughter’s learning style. It is a simple straightforward commonsense type of read, that brings greater awareness to what your child may respond best too.  Whether it be a lot of verbal praise, rewards, hugging, etc. 

Kids need all these things, but all of us generally have one of these things that we feel most loved when receiving. We all shine the brightest in a loving supportive environment, and this book helps identify what makes your child feel this the most.


A bit of routine is healthy for kid, though don’t beat yourself up with being to rigid about it either, because life just happens. 

We do our best to sit down at her activity table, around 10 am everyday to do our learning activities. I believe structure and teaching a kid to sit patiently is just as important as learning the lesson. 

When she has too much energy we may break it up with playing a game, and she is told she can return to her free play after she completes her work. 

When they are little keep it short, fun, lighthearted, and rewarding. A reward could be verbal praise, cuddles, earning stickers, whatever works for your child. I don’t really believe in bribes, though am guilty of doing so.  

Being Adaptable

Some days she is a bit testy, I try to help through those days, in being kind but firm, and likely a shorter lesson to keep the experience positive. I believe learning discipline and how to overcome emotions is just as or more important than the worksheets.

Anyhow, this has been our ever learning and growing journey. This worksheet she enjoyed (most of the time) and now she has pride in knowing how to write her name, and she writes it on everything.

She didn’t want to do it at first, but I told her if she learned how to write her name she could make the sign that hung over our new duck shelter, for our morning eggs.

This motivated her to keep trying when she grew frustrated, at first she was mad at herself for not being able to stay in the lines on her own, but the reminder of what she could accomplish kept her trying, along with praise and stickers for trying.

 Learning to Write Your Name Worksheet

I made this Learning to Write Your Name Worksheet, so children through completing their name tracing worksheet will become pros at writing their name. It is CUSTOMIZABLE to your child’s name or to anything you would like. 

I printed these double sided, and had my child complete one side everyday for about 2 weeks, and then she was writing her name on everything with out needing tracing letters!

You may also want to check out your local dollar store for more fun kid activity workbooks. My friend also blessed us with a bunch of dollar store activity books for preschoolers and kindergartner for more inexpensive learning fun.

How are you or how did you teach your kid(s) to learn to write their name?

Grab my Customizable Printable Learning to Write Your Name Worksheet for Preschooler or Kindergarten kids, and have your kiddo writing their name (or anything else you want to teach them) in no time!! It’s simple & effective name tracing worksheet fun.

Save Time & Have Your Kid Writing Their Name In No Time

Learning to Write Your Name Printable Worksheet!!
Only $4.99 customize to anything

You will receive a link to customize this to anything you would like it to say, through PicMonkey. PicMonkey is free to use, or message me and I will customize it for you!

Learning to write your name printables

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teaching preschoolers to write their name
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