2017 Motivational Books on Subconscious Mind and More

motivational books for women

My latest reading list for women (guys will appreciate most of them too) motivational books on subconscious mind, business, and encouragement.

Not all these books necessarily fit into the motivational category per se, however I still was motivated by them. As a single mom, business and money management is an inspirational topic. Some are light entertaining reads, while others are practical exercises to implement in life. 

Also, if you are a mom like me and find it difficult to find the time to actually sit down and read a book, then you may love Audible. I recently downloaded Audible, and I am loving it. I am now able to devour many books while I’m washing dishes or driving. The Audible banner below will get you to 2 free books too!



Motivational Books on Subconscious Mind

Big Magic: 

My latest read landing on the motivational reading list, is written by the author of Eat, Pray, Love. It does fall in the motivational book category, and is an inspirational book about finding magic in ideas. It’s an encouragement to chase your dreams and to be your odd authentic self, because that is where the magic is.


Designing Your Life:

Another book diving into the subconscious mind. This book provides exercises and emphasizes how powerful our subconscious mind is.

This book encourages using the subconscious mind as a tool to provide valuable insights and solutions, by accessing the wisdom, creativity, and experiences deeply embedded within. 

Switch on Your Brain: Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health: 

This is my latest read added to this growing list. This is another book about the awesome power of the mind. This book written by a doctor links her years of experience of psychology with science, and with interesting biblical references.

The end of the book contains practical to do’s to put this knowledge into to motion to improve health and happiness.


Get the Life You Want:

A practical book with steps on how to implement NLP into your life. It teaches thought control exercises to overcome negativity and improve positive thinking. NLP has been implemented in educational systems to improve learning.

The author provides many stories on the successes of teaching people how to overcome fears, addiction, and living a more positive productive life. This book is written by the co-creator of NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) and is a technique promoted by Tony Robbins.


Motivational Books on Finance and Marketing

Rich Dad Poor Dad:

This book has been around for a while, but it is an entertaining and wise approach to improving the perception of money. Finances is a stress factor for many of us in life, and this book is motivational in improving our outlook on money and how to manage it.

It was actually this book that gave me the push to start this blog. He talks about his mentor becoming inspired by hard times, and living by the motto you must give in order to receive.

Attention This Book Will Make You Money:

This is a book on advertising. However, I found it very motivational if you are trying to start a business. This book gets the creative juices flowing. I found it creatively stimulating, listening to this book flooded my mind with ideas. It provides a lot of examples and creative effective approaches to promote your business or product idea.

Motivational Reading List for Women

Motivational Books for Women 

Girl Code:

A light hearted motivational book to pursue your aspirations in starting a career or business. This book showcases female success stories of women who followed their passions and turned them into careers. It also emphasizes the importance of connecting and promoting other women to achieve success.



This is a practical book on the art of negotiation from a female perspective, and encourages women to get over their fear of asking for what they want. This book is mostly career focused and explains how speaking up is vital for building healthy productive relationships.


My Daydreaming Books

Mini Farming Self Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre:

This is a bit of an odd ball to through in this mix. However, I find it motivational because I love to daydream of my ideal homestead. I aspire to live off the food I grow one day. What do you daydream of?


I absolutely love motivational books on subconscious mind and encouragement to chase dreams. For more encouragement check out my free Inspiration Challenge, motivational exercises at your own pace that helped me start over from divorce and refuel inspiration, more here.

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