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printable life list IG

Get your printable Life Goal Planner designed to motivate. This is a listing life goals planner. It’s a bucket list in overdrive. A simple bucket list has no timeline, its goals and dreams that you want to happen “some day”. Some day is too far away this printable is organized with goal setting and reward system built in.

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outdoor scavenger hunt for kids all ages

If you are looking for some outdoor fun for the kids and the whole family. I think you will love this scavenger hunt! Great for any reason not just Halloween, enjoy.

why perfume is bad and non toxic options

A simple make your own all natural non toxic perfume. I started making my own after giving up on perfume for years, because of an allergy. This simple recipe uses vanilla and essential oils, use it as a guide have fun and make your own custom scent. Hope you enjoy, request your copy below! For more about why perfume is bad, and non-toxic brands, check out this article.

motivational course for starting over

A free 6 week course with 1-3 challenges per week to boost motivation. A fun and motivational exercises that help me refuel my inspiration and motivate my new start. I hope you enjoy too, free course starts beginning of every month.