16 oz Essential Oil Glass Spray Bottle with Glass Tube - Amber

Love glass bottles but frustrated with a plastic tube constantly inside your product? Problem solved!

No plastic straw this bottle contains a glass tube to keep plastic out of your bottle with uv protective glass and a high quality sprayer. Did I mention free shipping too! Available in beautiful blue or amber.



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Do you love glass bottles, and go out of your way to avoid plastic?

You buy these beautiful glass bottles because you don’t want plastic marinating in your formulations, but there is still a plastic tube wading in your precious potions. It is kind of discouraging and seems to defeat the purpose, right?

What’s so awesome about these bottles?

Glass straws with high quality sprayers in UV protective glass, that’s what!!!

16 oz Dark Glass Spray Bottle with Glass Straw Tube

  • Dark glass to provide UV protection for your awesome formulations.
  • Choose between dark amber and beautiful cobalt blue.
  • High quality black plastic sprayers. Don’t leak! Great for essential oils
  • Best part the tube / straw is glass. So no plastic constantly submerged in your formula.

These are high-quality sprayers that I have been using for years now, and they still don’t leak with all my essential oil concoctions. I have paid a high price for plenty of sprayers that constantly dribble in the past until finding these. I love these trigger sprayers!!

Available in blue or amber

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glass spray bottles with glass tubes

essential oil glass spray bottle with glass tube

trigger sprayer glass bottles with glass tube




Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 in


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